5G yet to roll out, but users are buying future ready 5G devices: Tasleem Arif, OPPO India

In 2021 smartphone maker OPPO India plans to launch more than six 5G enabled devices. While 5G services are yet to roll out, OPPO says that consumers look for 5G capability when buying devices. The company also plans to ramp up development of core product technologies for the 5G ecosystem at its labs in India. Tasleem Arif, VP and R&D Head, OPPO India says, “The lab helps us in validation of all OPPO upcoming devices as per the operator needs across the globe including performing interoperability and compliance tests.”

Recently OPPO launched the Reno5 Pro 5G. This device is the first 5G product in India with the Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek’s Dimensity 1000+ chipset. “The device brings with it the next level of videography experience, supporting videos in low light and even night-time conditions, besides other features,” says Arif in an e-mail interview. He discusses 5G, how the next-gen networks will benefit users, devices ecosystem and more. Edited excerpts:

How do you see the adoption of 5G in India when it is available?

While 5G may not be available in India just yet, the entire industry is working towards bringing the technology to India and also ensuring that users are ready for its adoption in the future.

5G will be a key driver for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 enterprise use cases that utilize massive IoT with ultra-reliable, low-latency communications to transform verticals such as manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, retail, agriculture and automotive. These will gain significant efficiencies as they adopt 5G at scale. 5G is expected to achieve wider coverage in the next few years, and there will also be more diverse 5G devices and innovative 5G services.

A recent report by CMR highlighted that users consider 5G as one of the top three criteria for buying a smartphone. The growing demand for data consumption and faster speed will make 5G a reality for Indian consumers.

What has been the experience in other countries where 5G is being used now. What services are seeing higher adoption?
5G development is at a very nascent stage. Currently 92 operators in 38 countries and regions have deployed 5G in their real-time networks. From our own experience of introducing 5G products in Europe, we have seen tremendous growth in data consumption across users.

A recent study by CMR also highlights that. Due to 5G, video creation and consumption has seen a significant increase amongst users across markets like China and Western Europe. For early users in these regions, 5G is translating into new use cases, such as short-form video creation and consumption, video-calling, mobile gaming, and AR/VR. As per the report even Indian users are considering 5G readiness as one of the top criteria when buying a new smartphone.

What are some of the new features that users can experience on 5G devices?
Consumers are looking for a smartphone that is not only future-ready but also provides high-end performance, and a 5G enabled device will provide them with the best of both worlds. 5G will open opportunities to more advanced technologies and innovations in domains like videography, AI, VR, gaming, IoT and others.

A 5G era will accelerate adoption of the video era and it will enable more growth and opportunities for innovations in advanced technology for short-form video creations and video editing tools.

What are the unique features of the just-launched OPPO Reno5 Pro 5G smartphone? Is this OPPO’s first 5G device in India?
Last year we launched our first 5G smartphone in the Find series. However, Reno5 Pro 5G is the first 5G device for the Reno family users. The device is the first 5G product in India from MediaTek with the Dimensity 1000+ chipset.

Reno5 Pro 5G is equipped with an AI video highlight feature, Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) Portrait Video System technology. The device brings with it the next level of videography experience, supporting videos in low light and even night-time conditions.

We have integrated both hardware and software algorithms and introduced FDF Portrait Video System and AI Highlight video features for creating videos in different light conditions and moving scenarios.

The FDF System’s Portrait Perception Engine allows Reno5 Pro users to define features within a portrait image, enabling it to apply effects and other processing techniques with greater precision. This results in better integration of portrait subjects and the surrounding background, as well as allowing users to better retain their own style in their videos.

Compared to 4G how different will the experience be on 5G?
5G promises faster connections, more reliable data streaming, and other such features that will play host to multiple innovation opportunities with the increased capability. 5G will not only reshape the way consumers currently view mobile internet, but will also pave the way for a more inclusive technology future – A user will be able to download a 4K or 8K Ultra HD movie or transfer hundreds of high-resolution photos all in the blink of an eye.

Users will also be able to experience live sporting events and performances via Ultra HD video streaming as if they are physically there. Other capabilities like IoT, AI, and VR will see further development. 5G means superfast connections for every device at home. The connected ecosystem with multiple IoT-enabled devices and a truly smart home will be a reality!

Another big application of 5G technologies is cloud gaming. Users can experience 5G cloud gaming at 1080p resolution on the smartphone. By eliminating the limitations of processing data locally, the super-fast and stable connections of 5G bring a compute-heavy, previously console-only gaming experience to users’ fingertips on smartphones, at any time and anywhere.

What is MediaTek’s and OPPO’s strategy in India as far as 5G is concerned?
5G is the future and has been the key focus area for OPPO. We did a 5G WhatsApp call in India (in March 2020, at its R&D centre in Hyderabad) and also set-up OPPO’s first 5G Innovation Lab in India for the overseas market. In 2021, we will continue with our innovations around 5G.

IoT will also be one of the key areas of development and we plan to invest and develop a multi-device ecosystem with localized solutions for Indian customers. OPPO will continue to expand IoT product lines by putting users at the center of our development and focusing on three scenarios: personal entertainment, smart home, and sports health.

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