Are you considering pregnancy after 35? Are you hoping to get pregnant?

As women age, it gets increasingly difficult to get pregnant and deliver healthy babies. Ms Goral Gandhi, a Consultant Clinical Embryologist in Mumbai and the Founder and Scientific Director at Global Fertility Solutions says that the biological clock is a very real fact of life. They also assure you of the best IVF treatment in Mumbai.Your 35th birthday is a good time to start discussing certain fertility risks associated with increasing age. That is when one can think of opting for IVF lite in Mumbai and explore about Egg freezing in Mumbai .Global Fertility solutions offers all types of infertility treatments and is one of the best IVF clinics in Mumbai.

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Risk of Declining Fertility

It might take longer to get pregnant. You’re born with a limited number of eggs. With increasing age, a woman starts to lose control over her fertility.  Her eggs become less capable to get fertilized compare to  younger women’s eggs. In case you’re trying to conceive after the age of 35 and fail to conceive after six months of trying, then seeking expert fertility care is advised. The best options then are Egg freezing in Mumbai and IVF lite in Mumbai.

Involving a medical expert brings you not only the help towards your fertility but also the support you need mentally in these tough times says Ms Goral Gandhi, Founder of Global Fertility Solutions 

Risk of Genetic Anomalies 

As women age, the chances of genetic abnormalities in their babies increase due to decline in egg quality. Research shows that chances of having a baby with congenital diseases like Down’s syndrome, Trisomy 21 etc increase greatly with age.

What are the Solutions for this? 

IVF Lite or Minimal Stimulation IVF: A new approach called IVF Lite or Mini IVF is a milder and more gentle form of IVF protocol. Mini IVF works on testing and preparing more quality eggs instead of fetching out more and more quantity of eggs from the follicles. Women struggling with infertility after 35 year of age considered Mini IVF as the greatest solution and support to their parenthood dreams.

Ms Goral Gandhi, a clinical embryologist who has handled   thousands of embryos and eggs in her 25 years of career says that Mini IVF produces high quality embryos  as compared to conventional IVF in women above 35 years of age. Genetic studies have shown that IVF Lite also gives rise to higher number of genetically normal embryos.  The key difference between IVF Lite and conventional IVF is the amount of fertility injections used. In IVF Lite, the woman has to take  much lower doses of injections than normal IVF.  The aim in IVF Lite or Mini IVF is to produce less number of eggs but with high chances of pregnancy. Mini IVF offers hope to all those women who have struggled to get pregnant over the years. It gives a real chance to women to become mothers using their own eggs, instead of using Donor Eggs.“ We take great pride in making women pregnant and giving them a baby that genetically belongs to them.  We achieve this through our world class reproductive techniques that  we have mastered over the years.” says Goral Gandhi. 

Egg Freezing: If you are above the age of 30 and do not have a partner, however want to become a mother in future then Egg Freezing is a wonderful option for you. With today’s cutting-edge technologies, egg freezing is a very viable option that all women in this category should be aware of. It greatly helps to pause your biological clock and allows you to become a mother later without worrying about the risks associated with being pregnant with older eggs. Goral Gandhi, Founder and Scientific Director at Global Fertility Solutions says that she wants to empower women with top line information on female fertility so they can make informed choices about their fertility.

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