Biggest Haircut Trends in 2021

Girls love to explore new things. And when it comes to haircuts, they love to get new styles every now and then. Scroll down to get trendy haircut ideas of 2021.

2020 was all about COVID 19 and lockdown period. With everything shut down for more than 6 months, people were left helpless and clueless. They had to survive on their own for every little thing.

The salons were closed. This was the biggest problem for majority, especially females. From tweezing out the eyebrows to waxing their arms all by themselves and to taking care of their skin; doing all by themsleves and at home with no option available was a tough task for girls. Now when the salons have re –opened, girls are rushing to get the trendy haircuts of 2021.

Here are some trendiest hairstyles that the girls would love to get. These are bold styles with classy cuts.

You will now witness these trendy haircuts by your hair dressers – after all, according to them 2020 has been all about doing and exploring new things as the “new normal”. So try to witness these new styles as you end 2020 with a bang and with some good thing in your kitty. So why not to remain positive (positive with vibes only and not the reports) and style yourself up with something really new.

Trendiest Haircut Trends in 2021 –

  1. Bangs – heavy bangs have been in trend in 2020. It seems to have gained so much popularity that it will continue to be one of the trendiest cuts in 2020-2021. Initially, the bold bangs were tried only by fashion bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers. Seems that it has gained so much popularity that it is now being tried by the common masses as well. Girls, especially teenagers have been seen following their favorite blogger/influencer and trying out new haircuts 2021. They are seemed to enjoying these trendy haircuts.
  2. Short Hair – The main thing you should know is that short hair will be very well known in 2020. As a rule, long hair is out. That is as indicated by world-famous hairdresser Harry Josh. He predicts the short haircut of 2020 will be such a transition for all the girls who have had long and simple hair for ages. This will be such a game-changer for all long hair girls and their reaction will be priceless. You have also seen models like Kaia Gerber and Karlie Kloss as explicit models, as the two ladies are as of now donning super-stylish and super-short styles.
  3. Keeping Natural hair – 2020 was all about keeping yourself natural. There was no place to go. With no hairdressers and no beauticians, girls had to do all the salon stuff at home. Thus, keeping it natural has become the new normal thing. The females of all ages now love their natural hair and let them be like that. However, those who have poker straight hair naturally prefer to give slight frizz and wave to their hair for an all-natural look. That is on the grounds that surface will keep on being a major point in 2020. Rather than super-smooth, over-styled hair, we will see a more characteristic surface, regardless of whether that implies disheveled and loosened up hair or wavy and coily hair. Whatever your regular surface is, grasp it!
  4. 70s Bangs – It’s occasionally difficult to stay aware of Selena Gomez’s apparently consistent hair changes, yet this particularly suits her. Just like the fashion is trending to be retro now, so is the trend in hairstyles/haircuts. 70’s bang that was carried by stars and actors of 70’s are back in fashion with a bang.  
  5. The Natural Beach Waves – Natural beach waves are unquestionably in (from so many years). International hairstylist, Casamassima says that seashore waves will keep being extremely popular for 2020. They’re delicate, disheveled, and loose, so a decent surface splash (and an if done from a perfect tool) will prove to be useful – especially when you are holidaying on a beach.
  6. Heavy Layers – this is probably the best style from the 90’s era. So if you were a kid in the 90’s, you must have seen your mom flaunting this look. This look was inspired by the very famous Hailey Bieber. The natural waves and the cut begin just below the chin. If you have healthy, long, and thick hair, you can flaunt this style super easily.


All things said and done, the best among all these styles are those with naturally curly hair. Curly hair girls are giving major fashion and hair goals to all. There was a time when poker-straight hair was in fashion and the girls with wavy, textured or curls had to make their hair go through harsh chemicals in order to get straight hair. But now is the retro trend back again for curls officially.

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