Debate: Can India beat Covid on a budget?

During such uncharted CRISIS and given the Huge Population of the Country India has done quite well against all such Factors for the setting up of Health Care and also providing Medicines and Food for the MASSES with Financial Support too BUT the ELITE Class who surely have the Money Power and Health MUST Contribute to the NATION Build up and stand with the Govt to counter such reverses and hope to BEAT these TOUGH Times sooner.When PEOPLE look around the GLOBE one finds that as yet India has done well to fight this PANDEMIC than most of the other NATIONS of the WORLD and yes Govt has been doing its best for ALL Levels of Society and this Budget Session SHOULD provide better Resources for these kind of Situation and help Recover the lost ground BUT every Business Houses /Industries and the MASSES must contribute their mite to stay above the SAFETY Lines

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