Hybrid workforce shall be a reality, boosts Gig economy in 2021: Study

Kolkata: Efficient remote working shall give a strong boost to the Gig economy and hybrid workforce in 2021 shall be a reality, according to the 2021 Talent Technology Outlook study, by SCIKEY.

Promoting diversity, inclusion and business pressure for cost optimization will give Gig a major push, even though external hiring will be limited. According to the leaders, only 20 per cent recruitment will be done through external vendors & HR consultants and agencies, while 80 per cent of the leaders will consider internal hiring to be their first choice of hiring. Hence, the focus on Learning and development of core skills and behavioural and leadership competencies will be a defining factor in future, says 87 per cent of the leaders.

According to the SCIKEY Study, the workforce of future will be expected to be adaptable and possess business acumen skills. The report says that 67 per cent of the leaders feel that versatility in workforce is critical, both while hiring and when retaining talent. While 87 per cent leaders feel that critical thinking is one of the key elements they expect from their people. Almost all the leaders (93 per cent) feel that business acumen is must have skill of future, the report added. The remote access to this vast talent pool will immensely improve the quality of hire and fill the skill gap in 2021.

The study reveals another trend that suggests employers will be critically thinking to improve the employee experience for talent retention as external hiring will be limited. 87 per cent of the leaders feel that measuring employee performance in remote work is a vital challenge & 73 per cent feel that employee engagement is a major issue in terms of remote working.

The study is an analysis of inputs from 100-plus C-suite and human capital leaders done by SCIKEY, through surveys, social media inputs, interviews and panel discussions.

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