New Covid-19 Strain has 2 mutations per month- No Need to Worry

​This discovery of a new strain of this Covid-19 has given fear across the Globe. But Is the ​new  Covid-19 strain​ really very life-threatening and harmful? Here we have all details regarding this.

In this Pandemic when everyone is unlocking everything and thinking about starting a new normal life in 2021, a new strain of coronavirus comes to the United Kingdom in the month of December.
As the vaccine is in the trial phase, the first question which arises is whether the vaccine will work or not on the new strain. It is being stated that this new strain has 70% more transmissibility than the old Coronavirus strain.
After this, More than 40 countries have banned all flights from the U.K as it would be a risk for other countries.

Here we have discussed all the details regarding the new strain of​ covid-19

Basically how a new strain virus borns:

​It happens because of a genetic mutation which is quite normal on viruses. It happens so that they can easily spread. This mutation can be good or bad. According to the report in this mutation, this virus gets more powerful resources which helps them for more transmissibility.

Will the vaccines work on the new strain of Covid-19?

It can be a big threat if the vaccines are unable to work on this new strain. AIIMS Dr. Randeep Guleria has said that “Though this​ new covid-19 strain​ is more spreadable than old covid-19, no need to panic. So He advised people to not panic. He said that there is no evidence that the 

“The mutations haven’t led to any change in symptoms and treatment strategy. consistent with current data, the vaccines within the trial phase, which are up for emergency authorization should even be effective against the new UK strain”, Times of India quoted Guleria as saying.

Earlier V.K Paul covid-19 adviser to P.M Narendra Modi said that the new strain from the United Kingdom has not been founded in India yet. But on December 29 six people were found covid positive from the new strain.

Is the new strain of covid-19 more deadly and life-threatening?​           

Till now, according to researchers and doctors, no such evidence has been found. So the mortality rate of the new strain will be the same.

Mr. Guleria, a member of the national task force on covid-19 management said that this strain has undergone several mutations. He expects an average of 2 mutations per month.

Is the mutation of viruses bad news?

In most cases, the mutation is good news for us as it makes the virus less efficient. That’s why AIIMS doctor Guleria has said no need to worry. But in rare cases, it may be more deadly. The percentage of it becoming deadly is very less.

How this new strain can affect us:

As this mutated covid-19 ​ can transfer 70 percent more, So hospitalization, oxygen cylinder, and​     availability of beds can be a big issue.  Especially those countries with huge populations like India must take extra precaution.

What should we do in this situation?

Though the mutation is a piece of good news, we should not forget about taking all precautions that are advised for us in this pandemic. So, wear musk, use hand wash frequently, and maintain a proper distance.

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