Say No to diabetes with the Richness of Guava

In diabetes, the body does not adequately process food and produces energy for use. For our bodies to get energy, the food we consume is converted into glucose or sugar. Read here to know can guava is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

What is diabetes and why it is important to control

Diabetes refers to an increase in blood sugar levels in the blood. When you discuss “diabetes control,” with your physicians or health care providers, they generally refer to how the blood glucose or blood sugar is controlled to the optimal level with diet control. Too much or too little sugar will make you feel sick and make you feel weaker later on. Diabetes control is like a three-way balance act: you use medicines (insulin or pills), eat foods and you all need to be coordinated with how much practice you do control with for good health.

Diet you should take in diabetes

It is also recommended to diabetics that they choose a healthier diet and lifestyle to regulate blood sugar levels. Diabetes may impact various organs of the body if left uncontrolled. Diet plays a major role in blood sugar regulation. Many say diabetics are not able to consume fruit. There are many fruits for diabetes which are rich in fibre. Second, diabetics should consume moderate fruit, since the fruit is not harmful to your body and it contains natural sugar like guava. Studies show that consuming these fruits will help to regulate blood sugar levels, on the other hand. One of the most popular fruits in the winter season is guava as it has many other health benefits also. Antioxidants found in apple for diabetes are also very good.

Controlling blood sugar level with Guava

A significant change from ‘primitive’ to ‘industrial’ has been seen in the modern lifestyle. You should also know that papaya is good for diabetes as it is low in sugar. Diabetes takes place when the pancreas fails to generate adequate blood sugar insulin. Guava is high in dietary fiber that can minimize the risk of diabetes and help alleviate constipation (a regular diabetic complaint). Vitamin A and vitamin C are both abundant in Guavas. The blood sugar cannot be contained in the cells, leading to an irregular spike in the body level. The sugar percentage in guava is 4.9 grams.

Benefits of Guava for diabetic patient

Below is the list of benefits of guava as a fruit in diabetes.

  1. Guava is highly rich in fiber and known to be excellent for regulating blood sugar levels. It takes a long time for fibbers to digest, so they are not released easily into the bloodstream.
  2. Guava’s low sodium and high potassium level satisfy one of the criteria of the diet.  Guava is good for gestational diabetes.
  3. Guava has a low glycemic index (GI), which means that it steadily digests, is consumed, and raises the glucose level gradually.
  4. Guava is low in calories, which helps to regulate weight. Another source of high blood sugar is overweight. As a 100 gm of the fruit, it contains only 68 calories and only 8, 92 gm of natural sugar according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  5. If you find orange to be the best source of vitamin C, then you must know guava has 4 times more content of vitamin C than oranges! This nutrient is very important in developing and combating chronic diseases like diabetes and the body’s immune system.

Eat healthily! Stay wealthy!

You may know that if you have diabetes, you cannot eat berries. The fruit has carbohydrates that can increase your blood sugar and has a form of natural sugar called fructose. Your meal schedule can still be part of it. With plant chemicals, the risk for heart disease, cancer, and stroke can be decreased and your overall health can improve. This is significant because diabetes is associated with an increased risk of cardiac failure and other problems.

Fruits are highly rich in fiber and it also delays digestion and helps avoid spikes in blood sugar. It helps you to feel full too early, which will help you keep your weight in control. Guava will help you improve your digestion and promote heart health. You can also consume Guava tea for diabetes. Guava is rich in Vitamin C with which the immunity can be boosted and you can get many other health benefits. Health is wealth. So you should eat good food and include fruits in your diet to be healthy.

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