The secret of Beauty Skin

You have heard the beauty gurus promoting many types of products and different styles of a product like a serum, retinol, toner, etc. I know there are many people who don’t know anything about the purpose of these things but I would say you that you need only four products in your skincare regime- Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer, and SPF. 

You might be why I need a skincare regime? These things are for girls and for rich people! But you might be wrong because everyone’s skin suffers from some kind of issues like- blemishes, scars, flaky skin, etc. Here are some tips and things which you should follow to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

After using these techniques I can assure you that you can achieve those Korean skin within your budget and it will not burn your pockets. But you need to use those products twice a day and some other once or twice a week. Let’s not waste more of your time and dive into the blog.

Somewhat you should do or don’t

  1. Remove the fake skin- Don’t get offended, I was indicating to your makeup. I know you might wear makeup (or not) to feel beautiful, but it is temporary, it will not last forever and you have to take care of your natural skin. To remove your makeup use an oil-based product like olive oil because it will melt your makeup and it is easy to remove makeup. When you are using oil products remember to move in a circular motion at every corner of your face. Don’t rub your face to remove the oil because it will make your skin sage down. Instead, slowly wipe it down. Remember to use a cleanser (face wash) to wash the leftover residue. This technique is known as a double remover. Never forget to use scrubs in your face once or twice a week to remove those blackheads and dirt inside the pores. Never use a walnut scrub because it will tear your skin in long run.
  2. Sun loves you- I know that Vitamin D is important for your health and skin, but you know that sun rays have UVB and UVA rays which damage our skin and cause cancer. It is so harmful that if not taken care it will leave dark spots. Don’t worry you have a solution, you just need to wear SPF or sunscreen whenever you step out of your house (not in the evenings only on days). Never forget to wear sunscreen because it is windy or cold outside, you have to wear it whatever the condition might be. Always wear SPF of 30 or more but below of it.
  3. Healthy body- If you are following these things then you have already achieved 70% of the skincare regime but never forget to eat. Nowadays people think if you eat less then you can be thin, but you are wrong you need to eat healthy food like fresh fruits, veggies, Vitamin C, proteins and vitamins. Cut down the consumption of sugar, alcohol, and junk food. Remember the things which are unhealthy will never satisfy you in long run instead it will ruin you and your health.
  4. Hard work- Always exercise to sweat down. You might feel lazy after reading it but you need it to lose extra fat. You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise you can do it by jogging in the morning around 5o’ clock. don’t apply skincare before or after a workout because it will sweat down. Apply a thin layer of cream to moisturize your skin but don’t feel greasy. Remember to exfoliate twice a day.
  5. Sleeping Beauty- You don’t need to be a Disney princess to sleep forever. You just need a good and sufficient sleep of 6 to 8 hours according to your age. Don’t sleep less or more because it will make you feel unhealthy. 
    Avoid using your phone or any screen before or after an hour of sleep because it will help you to function properly. Remember to apply your skincare before you sleep so that you will heal in the night.
  6. Hydration- Drink! Drink! Drink! Wait no! Not alcohol but water. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water. Drinking water will remove your toxic and flush them down and will help you to function properly. Drinking water will help your skin be supple and plum without expensive treatment.
  7. Farewell Acne’s- I know farewell is hard but sometimes it worth more than any other things. To remove pimples you need acid in your skincare like Vitamin C serum, salicylic acid. You don’t need to worry because it will not burn your skin instead it will cut down those stubborn zits.
    Never pop your pimples, or put Colgate because it will make the pimple worse. Use pimple patches to make it smooth. Use those patches to will not clog your pores and help you remove your pimples.
  8. Believe your Grandmother’s Secret- You would remember that your grandmother has said you to use sandalwood or turmeric because it will help your skin but you would say that those desi techniques are worst. But you believe those brands who sell that beauty under their names like turmeric cream or face wash. Turmeric and sandalwood are the best products for your skin because it will clean and brighten your skin without making you feel ugly.
  9. Pamper or Spa- You don’t need an expensive spa every day instead just pamper your skin every day by using a skincare regime. If you really want to go to salons then you can treat your skin with cleanups or facial because it will massage your skin. Massaging your skin will help to flow blood and keep your skin tight.
  10. Healthy Habits- Do meditation, yoga to keep your mind clean and stress-free because stress is shown by your face.  Never forget your neck and jawline because those are also your part of the face.

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